How to Build Your BlingBook

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Love it, love it, love it
Works perfectly for my needs. I bought 2 to give one to my niece but I may need it to complete organizing my jewelry.

Boost your Bling
Ann Catalano
Can’t have enough pages!

I keep finding new ways to use my BlingBook pages by watching the videos. I had used what I had already in my drawers as permanent storage, so needed refills to be able to use for travel.

Organized at last

Love the format for the BlingBook! I've managed to reorganize my jewelry so that I can actually see what I have. It's easy to use and fits in my jewelry cabinet perfectly. I look forward to ordering more pages so I can finish the job and taking it on its first trip!

Work in Progress

I love the concept and am playing with configuration. Need more of the "holders" than are provided.

Best Jewelry Organizer Ever!!

I've never found a jewelry organizer that lets me safely store all my jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings!) in such innovative ways. And it's so easy to expand. It's so good that I'm going to use BlingBooks to store my jewelry at home. It's so much better organized than I am now. Will be ordering for all my friends!


I love my new BlingBook! It's so well-made and easy to use. I found many different ways to use the BlingRings and pages to set up my jewelry for different outfits and occasions. My favorite so far is setting up my jewelry the night before and hanging the page with my outfit for the next day. So fun! I highly recommend it!