BlingBook - Jewelry Management System


BlingBook is a modern jewelry binder system to organize, store and transport your jewelry collection in a tangle-free and customizable way. It simplifies and de-clutters your life. 

  • Your jewelry will never tangle again
  • Organize your jewelry your way
  • Easily pair your jewelry collection with your favorite outfits

  • Tailor your BlingBook to your individual lifestyle
  • Easy to use and easy to see all your jewelry in one place
  • Use at home, at work, at the gym, or when you travel

Your BlingBook Comes With:

  • 8 Outfit Canvasses for you to organize your jewelry (3 double-sided pages and the front and back of the book are all usable areas)
  • 14 BlingRings (movable, customizable fasteners)
  • 1 full-page transparent page protector
  • 1 half-page transparent page protector